Although we welcome unsolicited applications through this website and at our email address,, we cast on a project-by-project basis from a mixture of 'in-house' connections and open auditions.
Castings are advertised through local and national industry websites, on our own social media and on this website. We cast from across the UK, but are particularly keen to continue building a South-West based ensemble.
Applications and suggestions are accepted in email format only (please include names in the subject for quick reference), and must include a recent headshot and comprehensive CV. Showreels are encouraged but not essential. 
We endeavour to acknowledge all applications / submissions, regardless of outcome, but regret we rarely have the resources to offer individual feedback.
At the heart of our work is the ensemble: our adaptations demand actors to take on multiple roles, sing confidently (particularly harmonies), be adept at stage combat and have an ease of movement/musicality. There are aspects of devising to our approach, so confidence in improvisation is also desirable. 
Our performance schedules are often intense, with multiple performances a day, in challenging conditions. For the right performer this is a thrilling, unconventional and inspiring experience, and we are committed to the wellbeing and artistic cultivation of everyone we work with.
We have a number of designers and crew members that we regularly work with, but are happy to receive applications and examples of work for future consideration. Please send CVs and enquiries to
Our production team is dependent on the nature of the production we are creating so may at times involve a full crew including CSM, DSM, Operators, LX designer, Costume designer and Costume supervisor. At other times we may have just one SM. When opportunities come up they are advertised through relevant industry websites and through our social media.
We particularly encourage applications from those with site-specific experience.
We are a not-for-profit, unfunded, theatre company. Our productions typically have limited capacity (40 for Macbeth, 12 for Orpheus, 46 for The Tempest) and to break even we have to put on multiple performances and hit around 90% ticket sales at all times. Nonetheless, we are committed to offering fair wages and are making progress. 
For our first run in 2015 (following a successful Arts Council Award) we were able to offer a company wage of £300 pw, which rose to £350 pw in 2016. We currently offer a minimum of £425 pw, and are working to increase this for future productions. The company wage is applicable to anyone working min. week-long stints e.g. stage management, director, actors. One-off fees are offered to other creatives (e.g. composer) on an individual basis: depending on the commitment required. 
Although we do not offer Equity contracts, our own company 'rules' reflect most of the non-financial conditions found in them.
We regret that we are unable to offer travel, accommodation or subsistence payments at this time.

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