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Theo's Macbeth Review

We're delighted to share 14-year-old Theo McKeown's review of Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves. Theo is a pupil at the Ashton Learning Centre and we were privileged to have him attend our performance. ​ Macbeth Review ​ On Friday I went to see Macbeth. The production company, Insane Root, is a Bristol based company who say on their website "We are passionate about making the inaccessible accessible - from bringing life to abandoned sites and making Shakespeare make sense". With this production they did an excellent job in achieving that goal. The setting of this performance, Redcliffe Caves, makes you feel like you're in the moment. The dark spookiness of the caves enhances the atmosphere of t

One Week On

One week on from our final performance, REBECCA NEWMAN reflects on her time with the show and shares some of the company's favourite moments.... ​ Be warned, something gushing this way comes. (BLOG) ​ Alas, the day. The cave is just a cave again. All of our tomorrows and tomorrows have been spent. But oh my, were those tomorrows spent in great largess. We have battled through the foul and fair, through a mire of bizarre illnesses, through 63 shows, all performed with our undaunted mettle and we have emerged on the other side, lost of labour but totally elated. ​ For Hannah and Justin, director and producer both respectively and extraordinarily, this bonkers project has been a brain child of

After the End

8 weeks 3 previews 60 public performances More than 2,200 audience members, including 10 schools and many brand new to Shakespeare ​ Out, out brief candle. ​ But, theatre being theatre - and site-specific theatre at that! - things aren't nearly so simple as you'd like. Working in a place where you've had to create all the infrastructure means that, eventually, all that infrastructure has to come out. Rubbish removed. Tables deconstructed and wood recycled. Lighting rigs returned. Audience seating placed tetris-style into family vehicles and removed from site. Props returned. Costumes cleaned and returned or stored. Final invoices paid. Accounts completed. Thank you cards written and tearful,

Notes from the Dressing Room

52 shows down, director Hannah Drake gives a glimpse into an unexpected experience working on the show.... ​ Notes from the Dressing Room (contains spoilers) ​ It is a generally accepted rule that once a show opens the director leaves. You will usually pop in every now and then to watch a performance and offer notes to the company to help keep it in shape, but it is very rare for a director to be present backstage throughout the run. Macbeth runs with a skeleton crew. We have a company of seven actors who all help each other with costume changes, prop setting and audience movement; not to mention running warm ups, fight calls and music calls. On top of that we have two dedicated stage manage

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