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The Honeymoon Period

Halfway through, company member REBECCA NEWMAN gives us an update from behind-the-scenes.... ​ THE HONEYMOON PERIOD Ah, the sweet, blissful honeymoon period. We’ve reached the pivotal halfway point of the run now, 30 shows down, so if the joyful delirium was going to wear off, now is the time. When people’s once cute quirks and endearing habits become nail biting annoyances and the novelty of performing in a cave becomes dark, murky and treacherous. Not that it wasn’t that already in the first place, mind. After all, caves are cragged, hostile environments made for hibernating, potholing, Bear Grylls, bats and stalactites. And stalagmites for that matter. They are potentially not made for p

Over Half Way....And Sold Out!

Three weeks done! 32 performances. 3 Previews. Well over half way through our marathon of 63 shows and today we are delighted to discover that the rest of the run has SOLD OUT! This is a huge achievement for us, and means that - as a young, surprisingly small, company - we are able to balance our budget. ​ We want to take a moment to recognise the immense effort that our cast, crew and volunteers have made in bringing Macbeth to life twice a day (three on Saturdays!). The environment is gruelling, the intensity of the show draining and the chill gets to your bones. Yet, they continue on and create an amazing performance time after time. ​ We also want to say an immense thank you to our audie

13 shows down...50 to go!

As we ready ourselves to embark on our second full week of shows today, we wanted to share some of the wonderful comments we've received from our audiences. ​ "Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves was simply outstanding. An extraordinary, entrancing experience - and the cave setting was a stroke of genius. Thank you." - Paul (Facebook) ​ "Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves was an extraordinary, thrilling experience. The performances were superb, never faltering yet such close interaction with their audience, and the caves provided a unique setting and fitting ambiance for this play. I've seen several renditions of Macbeth both on stage and screen, but Insane Root capture the crown. Highly recommend."

Fancy Spending a Couple of Months in a Cave?

Yes. Yes, of course. ​ Just one of a plethora of reasons why I love my job is because every now and then someone phones you up and asks if you want to do something bonkers like spending a couple of months in a cave. Due to its overwhelming popularity in 2015, Bristol based company Insane Root Theatre have revived their totally marvellous (and bonkers, of course) production of Macbeth, performed in Bristol’s Redcliffe Caves. And thank goodness they have, because otherwise my summer would have been spent above ground which is nowhere near as good. (Seriously, I packed my thermal underpants a month before rehearsals started.) Being one of three new actors introduced to the pre-existing cast of

Deep in the Caves

Well, it's June and the weather has - predictably for England - turned, but our spirits are still high even as we go deep underground! Yesterday was an incredibly busy day: we are still setting up the site, e.g. installing a dressing room cabin, new seating for the audience and the general lighting rig, so lots happening. The actors are looking magnificent in their costumes, and we're excited for today's fight call, music call and finishing the tech of the show with lighting designer Edmund McKay. Unlike a traditional theatre, because we have no infrastructure, we are essentially rehearsing all the tech elements as part of the final show rehearsals - this is a bit out of schedule compared to

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