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Rehearsal Photography

The fantastic LISA HOUNSOME PHOTOGRAPHY joined us in rehearsals last week and we have just received a first glimpse of her brilliant shots. For more, take a look at our Facebook page or online programme. A few favourites can be found here:

The Get-In Begins

We hope everyone is having a lovely, sunny, bright, enjoyable Bank Holiday weekend. ​ We're in a cave. ​ And, frankly, we couldn't be more excited!

Five Days In...

We have now completed our first five days of re-rehearsal for Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves (2016). It's been a whirlwind: fight calls, rapid music learning and introducing brand new members to the company. The amount of ground we've covered has felt more like three weeks' worth and the show is - remarkably - almost ready. Still plenty of detail to be added, but with a final music call today before we go into the caves, we're feeling pretty darn excited about getting underground! ​ In a conversation yesterday, our director Hannah was saying how humbling revisiting a show is - you get to experience all the joy again and also confront/reassess some of your past choices. Shakespeare's language

Arts Council England

We are proud to announce that, for the second time, we have been successful in our bid to secure a funding grant from Arts Council England for our production Macbeth. The small grant we've been awarded is invaluable to us in helping cover costs while keeping tickets as affordable as possible for the scale and quality of the show we're making. ​ Thank you ACE!

Cast Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the cast of Macbeth at the Redcliffe Caves 2016! We are utterly thrilled to welcome THREE new actors to the Macbeth family: the highly experienced, Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory favourite, Chris Donnelly as Macduff & Duncan; fresh from tours with Les Enfants Terribles (including their Olivier Award Nominated Alice Underground) James Keningale as Malcolm & Doctor; and highly talented writer, singer, actress and producer Rebecca Newman as Lennox, Macduff's Child, Young Siward & Witch. It is also a joy to welcome back original castmembers Ben Crispin as Macbeth, Andrew Kingston as Porter & Ross, Zachary Powell as Banquo & Murderer and Nicola Stuart-Hill

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